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In Israel, religious extremism is pervasive, unchecked

In Israel, religious extremism is radicalizing a growing number of Israeli youth, endangering Palestinians.

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Israel bans Arab parties, okays Jewish racist candidate

by Kathryn Shihadah, If Americans Knew

In Israel, two Palestinian political parties and one Jewish member of a mostly Palestinian party have been banned from running in the April 9th election; meanwhile a radical Jewish candidate stays in, both after the Attorney General recommended the exact opposite.

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In First, Knesset Bars Israeli Lawmaker From Overseas Trip Sponsored by Pro-boycott Organization

Israel supporters will often try to debunk accusations of apartheid by reminding us that non-Jewish Israelis are elected to parliament. But this story (and this one) are just two examples of how Arab voices and opinions are shut down. Google "Arab Israeli Knesset jail" to see dozens of stories. Yes, there are Arab Knesset members, but only for show.

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