Are you guys anti-Semitic?

No. next question.

Are you sure about that?

Yes. Next.

Can you maybe go into a little more detail?

Of course. We have many friends and extended family members who are Jewish, and we love them. Our faith traditions teach us to love all people, and we take our faith seriously. We don't love most of the policies of the modern-day state of Israel or the terrible crimes that were perpetrated on the Palestinian people over the last 100+ years in the name of Judaism. 


Will you be answering more FAQs soon?

Yes, definitely! We think the question about anti-Semitism is very important, and we wanted to address it first, head-on.

What FAQs will you answer, and how soon?

Whatever we are asked, whenever we are asked. We are an open book.

Can I ask a FAQ?

Absolutely. Just email us at