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Marc Lamont Hill’s “anti-Semitism” is a distraction

By Kathryn Shihadah

As is often the case with proponents of justice for Palestinians, Marc Lamont Hill was watched closely by Israel partisans as he spoke before the UN last week. They took a phrase – one phrase – from the speech and threw the rest aside, hoping the world would do likewise. Ever since, we’ve been herded toward the anti-Semitism charge and away from any reflection on the actual issue.

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In First, Knesset Bars Israeli Lawmaker From Overseas Trip Sponsored by Pro-boycott Organization

Israel supporters will often try to debunk accusations of apartheid by reminding us that non-Jewish Israelis are elected to parliament. But this story (and this one) are just two examples of how Arab voices and opinions are shut down. Google "Arab Israeli Knesset jail" to see dozens of stories. Yes, there are Arab Knesset members, but only for show.

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