Our position

  • We believe first of all that all people have the capacity for compassion and the ability to change; however it takes courage and a great effort of will to change.

  • We believe in the fundamental human right of all peoples to self-determination.

  • We believe in the fundamental human right of all peoples to resist illegal occupation; however we denounce violence against civilians.

  • We believe Palestinians deserve the right of return according to international law.

  • We believe that members of the Jewish faith (and all faiths and no faith) deserve to live in safety and security; however in Israel, we do not expect that will happen until Palestinians receive justice.

  • We believe that in order to survive, Israel must reinvent itself as a true democracy for all with equal rights and human rights as a reality, not a myth.

  • We believe the United States is still the best hope for peace with justice because American money is propping up Israel and propelling its occupation and war machine. A grassroots movement that insists on an end to this aid and puts pressure on Israel to end the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people is the way forward.

  • We believe that the process of bringing peace with justice begins with widespread contextualized, accurate education of the American people, and includes the nonviolent movement of BDS.

  • We believe that rational people can discern the difference between the wrongdoings of Israel as a state and Jews as a people, and they will not become anti-Semitic when they learn the truth about Israel; however we believe it behooves American Jews to distance themselves from Israel and/or advocate for change in Israel because Israel's hands are so inexcusably bloody.

  • We believe that it is imperative for proponents of Israel to stop shutting down the criticism, and instead spend their effort in introspection and accurate self-education, because - to return to our first point - they have the capacity for compassion and the ability to courageously change.