PH Quickie: U.S. depravity in U.N. over demolition of Palestinian homes

Israeli soldiers place explosives to demolish a building in Sur Baher, in East Jerusalem [Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA]

Israeli soldiers place explosives to demolish a building in Sur Baher, in East Jerusalem [Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA]

First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that Monday, July 22nd, Israel demolished the homes of 100 Palestinian families - starting in the middle of the night, and accompanied by Israeli cheering and laughter. The area where the demolition took place is not in Israel, but in Palestine. Israel claimed the homes get in the way of the Separation Wall, which in 2004 the International Court of Justice ruled to be illegal. Fifteen years later, the wall is still in place and continues to be built. To repeat: the wall that precipitated the demolition of homes is illegal under international law.

The demolition was roundly condemned by the United Nations as it happened.

Today, Wednesday July 24th, diplomats from Kuwait, Indonesia, and South Africa sought support in the Security Council for a statement condemning the demolitions.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that the American delegation to the United Nations blocked the action, although Amnesty International called it a war crime.

Let that sink in. It is okay in the eyes of this administration to allow homes to be destroyed, life savings to be wiped out, children to be rendered homeless – for the preservation of apartheid.

A new level of atrocity

This is not your everyday home demolition. Almost 50,000 Palestinian-owned structures have been demolished by Israel since the occupation began in 1967. Each is a tragedy and a travesty. But usually, the destruction happens in “Area C,” which is Palestinian land that through some sick joke is governed by Israel.

This week’s razing was different. Part of it took place in “Area A,” which is supposedly under full Palestinian control, and part was in “Area B,” in which administration is shared by Palestinian and Israeli authorities.

Area A comprises approximately 18% of the West Bank, and is populated by only Palestinians; Area B is about 22% and also completely Palestinian. Yet somehow Israel wielded power in both areas this week - in addition to exercising full control over the other 60% of the West Bank, where hundreds of thousands of Israelis live, illegally.

Know this

Let us acknowledge one more disturbing fact: the story of the US’s refusal to allow Israel to be slapped on the wrist for its war crime – this story is being kept below the radar. Reuters covered the story briefly; a couple of minor outlets picked it up and that’s about all from Western media.

It’s just further proof – as if we were in doubt – that the White House has no conscience; Congress is bought and paid for; mainstream media is easily distracted and has its own agenda.

Count on alternative news sources if you want to know what’s actually going on.

You can read about the demolitions in several places, but Al Jazeera’s description is best. And for the UN debacle, Telesur is the place to go.