PH Quickie: Gazans shall not live by bread alone

by Kathryn Shihadah

(“PH Quickie” is a new feature from Palestine Home, featuring short-short, pithy articles that can be read in no time at all.)

Jared Kushner: business man with a business plan

Jared Kushner: business man with a business plan

Jared Kushner dropped some hints about the (un-) eagerly anticipated Deal of the Century for Palestinians, stating that the deal will include a "robust business plan" for the Palestinians.

Abu Maher: a simple man with a simple wish

Abu Maher: a simple man with a simple wish

A relative of ours, Abu Maher, was interviewed on the first day of the Great March of Return (March 30th, 2018). He stated, “Israel told us, ‘If you’re quiet, we will open the border crossings and let more food come in for you.’”

Food for Gaza in exchange for an end to violence.

Abu Maher is in his 80s, but he’s not stupid. He knows the source of the violence.

And he may be hungry, but man shall not live by bread alone. In his own words, “I don’t want food. I want home.”

An Israeli friend of mine - we’ll call him David - was deeply hurt when he heard this statement.

David is uncomfortable with Palestinian suffering - he wishes that Abu Maher and all Gazans would accept the offer of charity, and just fill their bellies “while things get sorted out.”

It would make David feel so much better. And the Gazans would have more strength to endure the occupation. (It’s a clear win-win.)

Neither Kushner nor David is actually interested in truly improving the lives of Palestinians. If they were, they would listen, they would pursue a real solution - one that includes real justice.

A real solution would include things that these men can not tolerate: a free Palestine, the right of return, an end to occupation.