Choose life, Israel.

by Kathryn Shihadah

Let us weep with this man for his loss. The people who destroy olive trees can not love the land. They don't even understand it. How can you say "this is mine," and then destroy living things, especially if you claim to be a person of faith? 

(Translation of video below)

Each one of my olive trees I consider a child. They just killed 50 humans. I swear to God, they just killed 50 humans. They really killed me in cold blood, my brother. It would have been more honorable for me if they shot me instead [because I could not defend them]. It would have been a lot easier for me than seeing what happened.

I raised this olive tree as I raised my doctor son and my engineer son. It’s like any of my 9 kids. I nurtured them. There is no power and no control but by God. I beg God to give me restitution [the peace to move on]. Restitution is from God, other than that nothing has worth.

A few months ago, we were treated to this wanton destruction. 

"Some 50 masked Israelis from the northern West Bank settlement of Yitzhar destroyed over 100 olive trees Saturday outside the nearby Palestinian village of Hawara, a rights group said.

"As the settlers snap branches off the trees, footage documented by a field worker for the Yesh Din group pans to IDF soldiers appearing to be standing by and not reacting.

"However, an army spokeswoman said that the soldiers dispersed the Israelis shortly after arriving at the scene."

Oh, the IDF soldiers dispersed the tree-destroyers right after the video camera stopped filming. Hmmm. Sounds plausible. They were standing around, watching the decimation, waiting just long enough that we have no proof of their intervention to administer justice. Sure.

Supporters of Israel need to confront what Israel is doing and permitting. Can you really say this is ok? Does this match your moral compass? If not, be critical. Criticize these actions. You won't be struck by lightning.