Mainstream media repeatedly shows its Israel bias

It's pretty universally accepted as fact that mainstream media has its own agenda. Sometimes it manages to hide under the guise of objectivity - but on the topic of Israel, it's right out in the open, if you know what to look for.

Here are links to several pieces I've written or cowritten, analyzing news stories and/or news sources. We can all stand to be more skeptical and discerning. Please read and share. Truth is the victim of biased reporting, and that's bad for all of us.

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In Keeping an eye on the curators of the news, read my correspondence with Associated Press Vice President and standards editor John Daniszewski about his correspondents' bias in Israel-Palestine reporting. It's a lesson in how to read news articles for what they don't say, as well as what they do say.





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Associated Press Double Standard in Israel-Palestine Reporting takes a look at one of our most trusted news outlets and how it reports on stories from Israel-Palestine.

Spoiler Alert: the double standard tips in Israel's favor.





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AP's slanted report on Return March, corrected and annotated walks through an Associated Press article that came out just before the start of the Great March of Return, and demonstrates how AP essentially copied and pasted Israel's standard talking points - instead of reporting facts.

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The New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN all showed symptoms of short-term memory loss on May 29th 2018, when they reported on Gazan rockets shot into Israel. Read about it in Mainstream media gets it wrong on Gaza again.





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Travel back in time almost a year, to July 21 2017, and read Media selectively report on Jerusalem unrest; the clock keeps ticking... So much goes on in Israel-Palestine every single day, that we don't hear about: when Palestinian rights are trampled, the media is generally silent. But when a Palestinian sins, it is broadcast widely.

Kathryn Shihadah