‘We will not be bullied into silence’: Over 350 scholars and activists speak out for Palestinian rights and Angela Davis

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, over 350 scholars of the Civil Rights and Black Freedom Movements, veterans of these historic struggles, and educators and human rights advocates, issued a statement in support of Palestinian human rights and in defense of Angela Davis.

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from NYT: Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s allies urged him to remain silent about the Vietnam War, but he could not, so compelling was the tragedy. When he courageously spoke out, he was vilified for opposing the widespread pro-war sentiment.

Today we recognize MLK as a visionary. It’s risky to go against the tide, but our integrity must override our fear of rejection.

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Study finds 50-year history of anti-Palestinian bias in mainstream news reporting

by Kathryn Shihadah, If Americans Knew

A study of 50 years of headlines in 5 top newspapers finds that media coverage of Israel-Palestine favors Israel by providing more overall coverage, more positive coverage, and greater access to Israeli voices than to Palestinian ones. Much of this can be attributed to pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.

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Palestinian children: detained, dead, forgotten (2 short articles)

from Middle East Monitor and IMEMC

Between 2000 and 2014, Israel killed a Palestinian child every 3 days on average, for 14 years; in 2018 at least 56 children died, and over 900 were detained. Israel faces no serious obstacles and acts with impunity - with financial backing of the same regime that is allowing children to be separated from their parents and die on the border with Mexico.

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Marc Lamont Hill’s “anti-Semitism” is a distraction

By Kathryn Shihadah

As is often the case with proponents of justice for Palestinians, Marc Lamont Hill was watched closely by Israel partisans as he spoke before the UN last week. They took a phrase – one phrase – from the speech and threw the rest aside, hoping the world would do likewise. Ever since, we’ve been herded toward the anti-Semitism charge and away from any reflection on the actual issue.

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